Making Marketing Matter!

Marketing experts & web designers!

Connect better with your clients

Making Marketing Matter!

Marketing experts & web designers!

Connect better with your clients

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Generating enquiries from your target clients via the marketing activity is what we do.  Our process is designed to identify the 'right' type of clients for your business, tailor your brand and image for those clients and engage with them in a meaningful way.  

It's never about the design of the website but is about how professional it is and how clearly it represents your business to your customers.

Our Analytical Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to identify gaps and opportunities for your business before we undertake the website design.

Our expertise is on lead generation and on achieving  the required outcomes by focusing on the website content - not on making a pretty website which may win us a marketing award!

Our Services


Marketing advice to generate leads for your building business

  • Lead generation from qualified clients
  • Website Design & Logo Leveraging
  • Stationery, merchandising &  Branding 


Marketing, branding and lead generation for builders

Marketing experts for:

Builders | Developers

Tradespeople | Subcontractors 

Manufacturers | Suppliers

Architects | Draftspeople

Website Design & Construct

Marketing and website experts for the building industry

  • The Design & Construction of your website
  • Content tailoring to maximise results
  • Responsive mobile design
  • First year website hosting
  • Rapid Page-Load performance
  • Ability to create a blog
  • Security (SSL)
  • 24/7 support
  • PayPal Buy Now or Donate button
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Ability to share content to Facebook
  • Make online appointments

Preferential Pricing

Master Builder Members marketing special offers

Heavily discounted marketing packages for the following groups:

  • Chocolate Money clients
  • Master Builders Members
  • Freemasons
  • Freemasonry Lodges
  • Finding Money Coaching Clients
  • Constructing Careers Clients

Essential information for business

You may be an expert in the building industry and know how to build, renovate or even detonate!  These articles are to help you identify the critical management and marketing areas to operate a profitable business!

Common Business Mistakes made by Tradies.pptx (pdf)


20 traits of successful building companies (pdf)


Cheat Sheet for Builders (pdf)


Take your business to the next level (pdf)


Top 10 reasons building companies fail (pdf)


Marketing Methods for building companies (pdf)


Tradies running their own business (pdf)


8 simple steps to reviewing your business (pdf)


10 Tips for selecting a business coach (pdf)


Lead Generating Activities for builders (pdf)


Avoid these Project Management pitfalls (pdf)


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We are happy to visit you anywhere in metro Melbourne if it's too hard to come to us in East Melbourne;  

Acclaimed Results

332 Albert Street, East Melbourne VIC, Australia

Contact our team on or call the Director, Harry Pontikis on 0411 258 058 directly.

As we only deal with businesses in the building and construction industry in Melbourne, we are flexible with our appointment times.  Our Consultants are able to come to your business premises or see you after hours.